Slow Cooker Chicken

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   The most tender, full of flavor and aromatic chicken you will ever try. This Slow Cooker Chicken is one of the best and the easiest recipe in our cookbook. The four simple steps in this recipe will guide you to an outstanding, juicy and savory meal for you and your family. The fall-of-the-bone whole chicken is good not only for a busy weekday night but also perfect if you are meal prepping or have a large family. It’s totally worth the wait. The smell in the kitchen while you are cooking it will make you count the minutes until it’s ready. It will fill your kitchen with a savory aroma that you can’t resist. This recipe is a must try. If you ever have leftovers from this slow cooker chicken recipe we suggest that you use it for any recipes that call for fully cooked chicken. It would be a great addition to your favorite salad or sandwich. We strongly recommend organic, fresh whole chicken. They have no antibiotics, preservatives or added hormones. Always read the label before purchasing. We truly hope that you will enjoy this all time favorite recipe from our Food For Your Good test kitchen.

Slow Cooker Chicken | #slow_cooker_chicken #crockpot_chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken


1 (5 lbs.) fresh Whole Chicken
1 medium Onion
2 clove Garlic
11 baby Carrot
3 Bay Leaves
1/2 tbsp. Whole Black Pepper
1 pinch Sea Salt
1 pinch natural Seasoning Blend
*including onion, garlic, celery and parsley
1/2 cup Water


1. Place vegetables on the bottom of your
slow cooker: onion (cut in half), carrots,
bay leaves, garlic and whole black pepper.
2. Add water.
3. Rub seasoning blend all over the chicken.
4. Cook in a slow cooker for at least 7-8 hours on low or to a minimum internal temperature of 180 F or greater.

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  1. Sandra H.
    Sandra H.
    February 18, 2016 at 3:17 PM

    This was such an easy and tasty way to make chicken. Not as pretty, but total yum!!!! My new go to.

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